The eDisclosure Information Project is run by Chris Dale. It collects and disseminates information about electronic disclosure / electronic discovery in the context of court rules and procedures, of regulatory requirements and for internal investigations. Although originally aimed only at the UK, it quickly embraced the US and other common law countries where disclosure / discovery of documents is required.

The main outputs from the Project are a blog, this web site, Twitter as @chrisdaleoxford, and numerous public and in-house talks, webinars etc in the UK and abroad.

The Project is sponsored by the companies whose logos appear here. As well as the financial support, their sponsorship provides a pool of expertise and examples to draw on to illustrate what is involved in electronic disclosure.

Chris Dale was a London litigation partner before turning to software development and eDisclosure consultancy and thence into commentary about eDisclosure / eDiscovery. He was a member of Senior Master Whitaker’s Working Party which was drafted the UK’s eDisclosure Practice Direction 31B and the Electronic Documents Questionnaire.