Educational and Advisory Services

Most of my time is devoted to the eDisclosure Information Project, giving objective commentary on all aspects of eDisclosure / eDiscovery by writing and speaking about it.

Ancillary to that, I provide eDisclosure help to law firms and their clients by

  • advising on eDisclosure, both technically and strategically
  • training and education in eDisclosure rules, skills and practices

I do not offer wider services because many are inconsistent with the time demands of the eDisclosure Information Project and with its aim, the dissemination of objective information.

I might, for example, advise a firm about the rules and the classes of technology which it might use, both generally and in a particular case, and would help with the tactics and strategy, but I would not handle the data nor get involved in system selection.

Overall, my role is to help lawyers and their clients to know what is required, to understand what is possible, and to be aware of the range of software and services which are available so that they can make their own choices.