I have the opportunity to interview eDiscovery / eDisclosure people on my travels and the resulting videos are published in among other blog posts as they come up. They are grouped together here as a source of comment on industry developments.

Ben Rusch of Consilio on the practical problems of collecting data in the EU

Martin Bonney of Epiq on corporate readiness for the GDPR

Doug Ventola of Consilio on law firm diversity and other criteria which matter to clients

Matthew Geaghan of Nuix on collecting data from mobile devices

Judge Peck on the sharing of ideas and practice between jurisdictions

David Horrigan of Relativity talks about Relativity Fest and RelativityOne

Max Cockerill of Blackdot Solutions talks about Blackdot’s integration with Relativity

David Wallack of NightOwl Discovery on the GDPR and the use of analytics beyond disputes discovery

Jeff Schmidt of Park IP Translations talks about language management and its use with Relativity

Melinda Kunjasich of Epiq on the use of predictive coding

Damon Goduto of ThreadKM talks about ThreadKM’s integration with Relativity

Colin Shepheard of Lineal on the use of analytics in Relativity

Camera, sound and lighting by Will Dale and (occasionally) Charlie Dale. Editing by Will Dale