I have the opportunity to interview eDiscovery / eDisclosure people on my travels and the resulting videos are published in among other blog posts as they come up. They are grouped together here as a source of comment on industry developments.

Jon Lavinder of DTI-Epiq talks about emerging data and technology-assisted review

Keith Conley on the benefits for clients of the DTI-Epiq merger

Brandon Mack of DTI-Epiq – technology assisted review in the real world

Matthew Geaghan of Nuix talks about the transferability of eDiscovery skills and technology

Ian Campbell of iCONECT on the theme of Choices

Erika Namnath of H5 on how H5 uses Relativity for its clients

Hal Marcus of OpenText on AI and the increasing take-up of predictive coding by lawyers

Adi Elliott of DTI-Epiq talks about eDiscovery in the cloud

Robin Snasdell of Consilio talks about the value of contract management

Tom Palladino talks about the NightOwl Discovery Client Advisory Group

Jill Brock of FRONTEO talks about FRONTEO’s ROI Analyser

Ian Campbell of iCONECT talks about speeding up document review

Camera, sound and lighting by Will Dale and (occasionally) Charlie Dale. Editing by Will Dale