Jon Chan of Anexsys on “cloud-first” strategy and the use of RelativityOne

Jon Chan is Director of Technical Services at Anexsys. I spoke to him at Relativity Fest in London about Anexsys’s partnership with Relativity and specifically in relation to its use of Relativity’s SaaS product, RelativityOne.

Jon Chan said that Anexsys had recently made a significant investment in RelativityOne. This was originally driven by a major government client with whom Anexsys has been working for some time. Like other government departments, it has a “cloud first” strategy, and it was their idea to make use of RelativityOne in a manner consistent with that strategy.

There are many obvious advantages. One benefit is always having access to the latest version with Anexsys’s technology bolted on top. Another is the ability to apply different levels of access and security depending on what documents are – for obvious reasons, some documents have a particularly high level of confidentiality attaching to them.

Another benefit of RelativityOne, and of the cloud generally, is elasticity, meaning in this context, the ability to apply just the level of resource (processing power or volume capacity, for example) needed for a particular purpose, and then to dispense with it. On one day, Anexsys may have no requirement for OCR or TIF’fing. The next day they may have 1 billion pages to be processed in this way.

There are are other benefits to Anexsys, both as a service provider and as a development partner. Jon Chan gives the example of Intelligent Voice which has a plug-in to Relativity. In addition to the technical benefits, this allows them to present the product to a number of customers merely by being there.

As a development partner, RelativityOne provides a sandbox in which Anexsys can do their developing and testing in a way which makes it more consistent.

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