Lorraine Medcraft of Epiq on Epiq’s TMX bundling application

Lorraine Medcraft is Senior Director of Sales at Epiq in London. I spoke to her at Legaltech in New York, mainly to hear about Epiq’s TMX bundling software which I had written about shortly before.

TMX is an Epiq proprietary tool which allows clients to structure and build bundles, to collaborate (by, for example, letting the other side come in and comment) and then making them available for a hearing. There is more information about TMX here.

My questioning began indirectly, asking Lorraine Medcraft what is top of clients’ lists when considering eDiscovery tools. Lorraine said (and she is not the only one) that security has the highest priority, followed by user-friendliness and accessibility. Cost is always a factor, but rarely at the top of the list.

Lorraine said that Epiq has seen a much greater acceptance recently of technology generally and particularly for the creation and use of electronic trial bundles.

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