Wendy King of FTI talk about FTI’s use of RelativityOne

At Relativity Fest in London last week we heard positive things about FTI’s relationship with Relativity under which FTI is able to offer RelativityOne alongside its own Ringtail.

The messages were much the same as those which I got from interviews at Relativity Fest in Chicago last October. I talked there to Wendy King from FTI at a point when the relationship was still new.

Wendy King was at Relativity before she joined FTI. She made the same point as Daryl Teshima about the always-available infrastructure of RelativityOne which allows FTI’s consultants to focus on clients needs using whatever tools are suitable for a matter.

Wendy King placed a particular emphasis on the training and support which FTI gets from Relativity, not least from Relativity’s Customer Success team. FTI can send an email or pick up the phone at any time of day or night and get a reply.

Since I recorded these interviews, there has been news of the expansion by FTI of its RelativityOne offering in Europe and in Hong Kong – see my articles FTI Consulting adds Relativity and RelativityOne to its Europe offerings and FTI launches Relativity and RelativityOne in Hong Kong.

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